Information and rules


Breakfast: from 8:30 to 10 h

Meals are optional and need to be reserved beforehand.
Breakfast: the day before

Vegetarian meals and special dietetic requestsshould be asked for at the time of booking.

Baby food:
We can keep milk and baby food in the fridge and/or freezer. We will also heat up prepared meals.


We accept credit cards.

Check in and out

Check-in day: after 14 h

Check-out day: before 12 h

Pleas ask for other times

Towels and bedsheets

Bedsheets are changes after three days and towles are changed daily (but see the best environmental practices section).


Smoking is not allowed inside the house for respect to other guests and for security reasons.


We are sorry not to be able to allow pets.

Common areas


the dining room

the game room in the base floor

the spacious living room in the first floor

the small living room in the first floor with television and internet connection (computers are not provided).


You can enjoy the garden, the sandbox and the surrounding walking paths and forests. Children need to be under constant adult supervision. Please bear in mind that you are in a natural environment that is relatively unknown to you. Be cautious.


If you plan to come back after 23:00h please take the room keychain with you, which includes a key of the front door.


The Mediterranean vegetation is highly inflamable. Avoid any action, including tossing cigarrette buts, that may start a fire.

The environment

Please respect the environment, which is not only to enjoy but also the sustainability source for those of us who live on farms (crop fields, trees, farm animals, wood, etc.). Do not throw trash away and, if possible, leave the environment cleaner than you found it.

Please ask for anything you may need and we will strive to serve you.
We wish you a pleasant stay!
Can Rosich

Best environmental practices

Let’s make a sensible use of water

• With the water of a bathtub, we can take 3 or 4 showers.

• We should not leave tubs running after being used.

• We should ask for a change in towels and bedsheets only when necessary.

Towel on the floor: please change it.

Towel hanged: please do not change.


Let’s make a sensible use of electricity

• We should switch off the lights when leaving the room.


Let’s make a sensible use of the heating systems

• We should not leave windows open while the heating is on.


Let’s take care of the environment

• In natural environments, there are no cleaning crews. Let’s keep our garbage until we reach a litter bin.

• We should aim to leave the environment cleaner than we found it.


Let’s control noise

• We should avoid playing loud music or making unnecessary noises.


Let’s respect nature

• We should not disturb animals or pick plants and flowers unreasonably.